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Traditional Manager Due Diligence

Our manager due diligence process combines both quantitative and qualitative analysis that allows us to identify, evaluate and select managers that we believe will add value to our client portfolios.

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  1. Idea generation

    • Quantitative Screens Run Semi-Annually
    • Industry Contacts
    • Client Manager Referrals
    • Industry and Professional Conferences
    • Publications
    • RFIs & DDQs
    • Follow Investment Teams Moving To a New Firm
  2. Initial Due Diligence

    • Review RFI, DDQ, & Investment Presentation
    • Initial Meetings and/or Conference Calls
    • Initial Qualitative Analysis
    • Initial Quantitative Analysis
  3. Develop Investment Recommendation

    • In-depth Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
    • Investment Recommendation Memo
    • Research Group Presentation
    • On-Site Visits are Required
    • Operational Review
    • Reference Checks
  4. Investment Committee Review

    • Monthly Meetings
    • Decisions Require Unanimous Approval
    • Analysts Present Their Ideas
  5. Ongoing Monitoring + Review

    • Quarterly RFI/DDQ
    • Conference Calls
    • Meeting Notes
    • SEC Filings
    • Audited Financials
    • On-Site Visits

For the quantitative portion of this due diligence, we utilize a combination of our own proprietary database as well as multiple third-party information sources to perform a comprehensive statistical analysis.

We also believe you don’t know someone until you sit across the table from them. During our qualitative analysis, our experienced research team meets with investment managers to learn how they operate and how decisions are made. This includes multiple face-to-face meetings with the portfolio management team, operations team and executive team including an on-site visit to the primary office.

Asset Classes + Vehicles

  • Global Equities
  • Global Fixed Income
  • SRI/ESG/Impact
  • Mutual Funds
  • SMAs
  • ETFs