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Custom Platforms for Streamlined Experiences

Research expertise and technology innovation come together in Conway’s Technology Solutions. Conway’s custom portals are accessible via a custom URL that is branded to your firm. We help automate key processes, improve operational efficiencies and elevate the client experience.

Who We Serve

Conway Technology Solutions are tailored to the precise needs of investment advisors and fund managers. Our whitelabel financial technologies enable both parties to connect with their audiences on their URL in a secure, convenient and branded way.

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Investment Advisor Portals

Leverage our technology to create a customized private label advisor portal with a unique URL that incorporates your branding guidelines. Advisor integration results in a better user experience and client uptake, offering research and subscription technology for specific funds approved by the advisor. We investigate your specific needs and tailor a game plan to provide a logical solution. Together we can build a better platform to serve your advisors and their clients.

Fund Manager Portals

We develop secure custom-built investor portals connecting asset managers to their investors through innovative technology. Conway streamlines the fund subscription process through automation which simplifies the investor experience and mitigates mistakes. The portal also provides a dataroom where investors can access fund related documents, tax reporting, financial statements, performance reporting, capital calls and other manager communications. Conway’s integration process utilizes a customized solution for each fund manager.

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